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2016 Mardi Gras Parade of Flavors!


Cajun Eggrolls – Our twist on a classic. Tender shrimp, Cajun sausage, collard greens and cheddar cheese rolled up and served piping hot with our Red Bell Pepper Sauce.

Taste of N.O
Taste of New Orleans – A trio of New Orleans Traditional Favorites with Blackened Red Fish Etouffée, Rice Jambalaya and our Authentic Louisiana Gumbo. A true Mardi Gras Parade of Flavors!

Red Fish Alexandria
Red Fish Alexandria – Blackened Red Fish topped with tender Shrimp, Cajun Sausage and fresh tomatoes sautéed in a “Creole Style” sauce.

Shrimp and Crawfish Pie
Louisiana Shrimp and Crawfish Pot Pie – Not your mama’s pot pie…Oven Baked Andouille Cornbread Crusted Pie with tender Shrimp and Crawfish cooked in a rich, creamy stock. This savory homemade dish is guaranteed to please the palate!

Praline Cheesecake
Praline Cheesecake – Classic Pecan Pralines and decadent Caramel topping. Try this rich, velvety cheesecake for a sweet New Orleans inspired finish to your Mardi Gras meal.