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There’s No Place Like Harry’s for the Holidays!

Harry’s Holiday Menu


Blackened Brie – A blackened wheel of velvety Brie cheese topped with Harry’s Creole cranberry chutney. Served with buttered crostinis.

Frenchman Street Crepes – Tender Shrimp and Chicken mixed with sautéed spinach, Fontina cheese, Ham and Bacon and rolled into a delicate, savory crepes. Finished with a light and creamy Shrimp sauce.

Savory “Down Home” Chicken – Bring your appetite! A tender half Chicken served crispy with our smashed potatoes, sliced mushrooms, French green beans and a roasted chicken jus.

Harry’s Holiday Trio – Tender grilled Filet medallions topped with delicately fried Lobster and Shrimp accented with our New Orleans sherry cream sauce. Accompanied by our classic smashed potatoes and green beans.

Red Velvet Cake – A decadent Southern holiday classic of rich Cocoa Cake and Cream Cheese icing.

Holiday Martinis – Our Pumpkin Martini combines Absolute Vanillia with homemade Pumpkin syrup and a holiday spiced rim. Or, try a Peppermint Martini featuring Crown Royal, Crème de Menthe, white chocolate and a raspberry swirl!